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Gold Liquid

Curious Space & Time and the Winnetka Park District
along with
DJ Pizza Head

Thursday June 20th, 8-10pm

Spend your Summer Solstice with friends + family and see the Moon rising over the Lake through a large telescope!  

One price for the whole family

Celestial songs, Cosmic cuts, Moon melodies comin' in hott from DJ Pizza Head

Light snacks and soft drinks provided

A quick lesson on our closest cosmic comrade, the Moon, then we'll head down to the beach for fun and telescope time!

All ages. Parents must be present with and responsible for children
*Event is contingent upon good weather. Some clouds are ok, we just need a decent view of the moon.

What. Is. OUT THERE??

Welcome to Curious Space & Time! We are a center for ideas and resources designed to inspire, foster and grow the child-like wonder within us all. Our mission is to encourage our natural curiosity by exploring the origins and nature of space & time and the mysteries of the cosmos. These subjects have fascinated and puzzled human-kind for centuries. It's in our DNA to be curious about how the universe works and how we fit into the epic story. It's the fuel pushes man-kind forward. Join us on this strange and exciting passage and let's explore it all together!

The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.

– Carl Sagan

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